The iPhone 15 will debut an unusual novelty

As time passes and the month of September approaches, rumors about what the next iPhone could be are increasing and, above all, they are becoming more reliable and likely to finally come true. Well, the last to arrive of course leave a very appetizing panorama, since it seems that the iPhone 15 will have something never seen before. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The sides of the iPhone will change forever

It seems that after several years in which Apple has barely touched the design of the iPhoneIt hasn’t been necessary either, it must be said, the iPhone 15 will bring quite a significant variation, especially on its sides. The first information that has been known in this regard indicates that those from Cupertino have in mind to modify the material that is in them, becoming made of titaniumwhich would considerably increase the resistance of this part of the device.

But beware, the most striking and notable change would not really be this, but would be in the buttons. Apple seems to have in mind say goodbye to the physical buttons of the iPhone and replace them with tactile zones that they would be in the same position as the buttons, now having haptic buttons, that is, saying goodbye to the traditional buttons that have accompanied the iPhone since its first version.

Of course, as could be foreseen, These two novelties seem to only reach the two top-of-the-range Apple models, that is, to the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. However, these are two significant modifications, increasing the resistance of the device to shocks and, above all, including a change when interacting with the device.

More news

Along with these two changes that we have mentioned, the design is also rumored to change in the next iPhone. It seems that Apple’s plans do not go through abandoning the square sides, but rather modifying them slightly and resemble them much more to the design that the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air currently have.

In addition, there will be another differentiation between the Pro models and the normal models, and that is that it has been leaked that the top-of-the-range models will have up to 8GB RAM, for the 6 GB of the rest. What is not known exactly is whether the news at the level of cameras They will also only reach the Pro models, although some, such as the increase in the telephoto zoom, will only be available in them because the normal ones do not have that triple and camera module and therefore lack the telephoto lens.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lenses

To finish, we repeat what we have commented many times from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, and that is that in the end all this they are nothing more than rumorsSome are more likely to come true than others, so we encourage caution and prudence. It must be taken into account that there are still many months left until September arrives and doubts are cleared up, although when the river sounds, water carries.