The iPhone 15 will return to the curves and will be thinner

The rumors about the iPhone 15 They are pushing very, very hard, something that surprises us considering that Apple has launched quite a few devices in this month of January, and that the Cupertino company’s smartphone is still a long way from seeing the light of day.

As you well know, with the arrival of the iPhone 12, Apple said goodbye to the sinuous curves that had been the protagonists of the iPhone for many years, but this could end soon… The iPhone 15 could return to the design of the iPhone 11, leaving behind the flat frames and reducing its thickness.

At least this is what the “leaker” points out ShrimpApplePro, which has a good baggage of successes as far as rumors about Apple are concerned. In a recent Twitter thread, he points to the iPhone 15 as his next goal, through which he is offering a lot of information that is hard for us to believe considering the distance from the launch.

Among other things, he already predicts that the iPhone 15 will inherit the model range of the iPhone 14, all this despite the more than poor sales that the iPhone 14 Plus has represented.

Now it focuses on the iPhone 15 Pro will have thinner bezels, which would help to reduce the already enormous weight that is being presented in the iPhone 14 and that goes against the design and portability policy of the Cupertino company itself.

This new “rounded” design will be something similar to what we saw with the iPhone 5C, although we find it hard to believe considering that this device is, fortunately, the only iPhone made of plastic so far. Nevertheless, would match the design that Apple is introducing in the MacBook Pro range, so it would continue in line with the language that Apple wants to convey with the shapes and designs of its devices.