The month of June is approaching and with it WWDC24, one of the most important events for Apple in which we will discover the new operating systems for this year. However, we still have a special event or at least a launch before summer and that is that Apple is expected to launch new iPads, in all its models, in the month of May. On the other hand, for iPhones we will have to wait until September. A new rumor around the iPhone 16 Plus suggests that this year we will have this model available in 7 different colors, as opposed to the 5 different colors of the iPhone 15 Plus.

7 different colors for the iPhone 16 Plus

A few days ago we were talking about the battery capacities of all models of the next iPhone 16 having been leaked, highlighting above all the significant reduction in the capacity of the iPhone 16 Plus. Some days after, We know of a new leak around this model. This new information indicates that It will be available in seven different colors, a fairly high number knowing that it is not a “standard” model and knowing that Apple currently has five colors in the similar iPhone 15 model.

Detail of the iPhone 16 cameras in a concept

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To existing colors blue, pink, yellow, green and black would be added two new colors: white and purple. This information comes from a Chinese source, published through Weibo, which had not yet leaked any type of information on previous occasions. There are also doubts about whether these colors will also be available on the iPhone 16 or if they will be exclusive to the iPhone 16 Plus, since currently both models share colors so it would make sense for all colors to be similar for the non-Pro models of the new iPhone 16.