Storage of devices has always been a dilemma for all new buyers. What is the most suitable model for me? Will I be short if I take this storage? As technology advances, the content that can be stored also takes up more space, we just have to look at the spatial videos of the Apple Vision Pro, in which 1 minute of footage takes up more than 130 Mb. That is why Apple You could be thinking about increasing the storage of the iPhone 16 Pro up to 2 TB, a rumor that we hear annually with each new iPhone but that is likely to finally come true this year.

We're back to our old ways… Will we have 2 TB on the iPhone 16 Pro?

We have been hearing rumors for years about the increase in iPhone storage with each new iPhone in sight. It happened with the iPhone 14 Pro and last year with the iPhone 15 Pro. And, how could it be otherwise, This year with the iPhone 16 Pro rumors also begin about the arrival of 2 TB of storage.

The information comes from a Twitter user whose previous predictions have not been very accurate. However, the background of the rumor makes sense due to something that we have mentioned previously and that is the increase in the size of spatial videos and other audiovisual content that has a lot to do with the Vision Pro.

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The leak indicates that Apple You could add a QLC flash storage memory instead of the current TLC ones. This would allow for a higher storage version of up to 2 TB for the first time in the iPhone 16 Pro. These QLC flash memories have some advantages such as supporting more storage capacity and being somewhat cheaper than TLC. However, They are slower than the current TLC.

In addition, this change of flash memory from TLC to QLC coincides with some reports prior to the announcement of this rumor, so it could make sense for Apple to consider modifying its standard to Increase the storage capacity of your iPhone 16 Pro model. We will see if this is finally just another rumor, as in previous years, or if this year Apple takes the step and we have a model with more capacity for the most demanding users.