The iPhone 16 Pro will have a brighter screen

Information about Apple's future iPhone 16 has suffered a slowdown this week relative to the eclipse suffered by the new iPad and the new M4 chip for the iPad Pro, in addition to the presentation of the new Apple Pencil Pro. However, although with an eye on WWDC24 next June, the iPhone 16 is still on everyone's lips. all filters and rumor millers, even knowing that we will not have an official presentation until September. New information about the iPhone 16 Pro they point out that The screen will be 20% brighter than its predecessor the iPhone 15 Pro, reaching 1200 nits.

iPhone 16 Pro: 20% brighter screen than the previous generation

The design of the next iPhone 16 is beginning to be less on everyone's lips because the rumors have agreed, so the important thing in the coming months is to try to have the hardware specifications that will change between models, and that is what will differentiate some devices from others. A few hours ago, the well-known user Instant Digital (via Weibo) leaked new information about the screen of the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max.

iPhone 16 screen

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Apparently, the new iPhone 16 Pro screen will have new technology Which will allow increase brightness up to 20% compared to iPhone 15 Pro. Therefore, the SDR (standard dynamic range) would remain at 1200 nits of brightness (1000 nits on the iPhone 15 Pro), maintaining 1600 nits in HDR (high dynamic range). Normally, users use the iPhone in SDR mode so a 20% increase will improve the quality of the screen and users will notice it clearly.

In terms of brightness, the main difference between SDR and HDR is the number of brightness levels they can display. SDR typically has a limited range of brightness, usually up to about 100-300 nits. In contrast, HDR can display a much wider range, which can be from 1000 to even 4000 nits or more on some high-end displays. This means that the brightest parts of an image in HDR can be significantly more vivid and realistic than in SDR.

We have had several generations of iPhone where the level of brightness achieved in SDR is the same and only Apple gave special importance to increasing the HDR brightness in the iPhone 14 Pro, so it is likely that The iPhone 16 Pro screen evolves and is a key element when presenting the hardware of the new device.