The iPhone 16 will improve a key aspect focused on a very important function

With the new generation of the iPhone 15 and 15 pro on the table, little by little, rumors about the next generation are beginning to rear their heads. The iPhone 16 are going to be the successors of the devices that we currently know, and now information has been revealed regarding their physical construction, and whose impact will be directly related to artificial intelligence.

The voice assistant, Siri, continues to be one of the great pending tasks for those from Cupertino. In terms of artificial intelligence, development and implementations, Apple is carrying out a large number of projects and investments, not only to improve what already exists, but to make this the base, the cornerstone of the operating systems they present in a future.

Apple software and hardware are directly related. When a company is in charge of all the design, so that everything works symbiotically, we end up with products like the iPhone, in which everything works like a Swiss watch. From what is seen from the outside, to the smallest pieces inside. And now, taking into account the great role that AI plays within Apple's roadmap, it has been possible to know a design change that we could see in the iPhone 16.

The iPhone 16 will have an improved microphone

Every year we are used to seeing improvements and evolutions on all iPhone components. More screen, more power, more megapixels. Everything, to improve the user experience directly. But in this case, as has been learned thanks to the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, the fact that Apple decides to improve the microphone of these future terminals is due to Siri.

Siri is Apple's assistant that is present in the vast majority of products. And in this case, in order to improve operability and user interaction, having better microphones is one of the key points. “Kuo says that strengthening Siri in its hardware and software capabilities is a key to promoting content generated by artificial intelligence,” they explain.

The role that artificial intelligence is taking now is the generation of content, in many aspects and in different areas. Until not long ago, artificial intelligence was a platform with which decisions could be made more accurately and in less time. but 2022 was a real “boom” for this platform. And if we focus on how Apple is implementing this technology to create and generate content, we can clearly see it in areas such as the HDR image processing system, or the creation of an artificial voice from recordings of our voice, and that this It is processed directly on the phone's own chip.

siri logo in apple presentation

Apple is clear that the role of artificial intelligence in its roadmap, for the future, is a key to continuing development. And improving the experience of using Siri, as described in MacRumors, is one of the first new bases to focus on how they want the products they will launch in the future to be.