The iPhone is no longer the best-selling smartphone on the market

This news was a matter of time before it arrived. In fact I thought it would be last year, but no. Right now, we already know that the SmartPhone market is not very buoyant, but even so, Apple has always been the company that has been at the forefront of the rankings in terms of sales. The iPhone has almost always been at the top of the list, but now it’s down to second. He has exchanged places with a brand that maybe you know what it is.

Since last year we are seeing how the Smartphone market is in clear decline in sales. The 2022 holiday period, that is, the summer months, the decline became even more acute and it is significant to see how the numbers, which do not lie, indicate that users we no longer agree to pay exorbitant amounts for a phone and less when there are many brands on the market and each time better.

This period corresponded to the 4th consecutive quarter that sales fell but also coincided with a period in which the iPhone was still the king of sales. That is, it was number 1 despite the falls of the rest. But not now. The fifth quarter of consecutive decline supposes and coincides with the one that the iPhone goes to second place.

According to the specialized media, Canalys, its analysis determines that if Apple previously occupied first place with a market share of 25% above Samsung, in second position, now it turns out that the iPhone drops to 21%. That’s a 4% drop. which is enough. Instead, Samsung, has risen from 22% to 23%, being the only brand that has grown in this regression loop. This has meant that it has been done with the first place.

Much blame for this decline of Apple, The Plus model and the iPhone 14 have had it. The Pro model has sold better. We will see if Apple does not do without the Plus model in the iPhone 15.