The iPhone SE 4 will be amazing and I’m going to want one

Although the launch of this model is expected for next year or even in 2025, the leaks and rumors have not stopped in recent months, and promise that this iPhone will be a true revolution in Apple’s most economical range.

Radical design change

One of the first surprises that have leaked about the iPhone SE 4 is its design that could be completely renovated. This device, which is characterized by its classic appearance with the home button, will apparently move away from this design and It will adopt a full screen one similar to that of the iPhone 14. This decision is an important step in the evolution of the SE line and can offer a more modern and attractive user experience.

The iPhone SE 4 will also leave behind the LCD screen technology that has characterized previous models in this line, opting instead for a OLED screen. This promises richer colors and deeper contrast, which should improve the visual quality of images and videos on the device.

FaceID and goodbye to Lightning charging

One of the most notable changes in the iPhone SE 4 would also be the adoption of Face ID as a way to unlock and authenticate the device. This facial recognition system, which is already found in other iPhone models, would replace the Touch ID sensor that we have known in previous models of the SE line. While some may miss the fingerprint sensor, Face ID technology has proven to be faster and more secure, which could improve the user experience.

Another important change in connectivity is the transition from Lightning port to USB-C. This change could simplify the lives of many users, as it would allow using a single type of cable to charge the device and connect other accessories. Additionally, USB-C is a more universal and industry standard technology.

Face ID

Camera improvements and a customizable action button

Although the iPhone SE 4 will maintain a single camera, it will be significantly updated from 12MP to 48MP. This means that users can expect to capture sharper and more detailed images with the iPhone SE 4.

Another interesting feature that has been leaked is the addition of a customizable action button. This feature would be similar to what we have seen on the iPhone 15 Pro and could allow users to assign specific functions to this button based on their needs.

As for performance, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be equipped with the same A16 Bionic chip that powers the iPhone 15. This means exceptionally fast and efficient performance, even on a lower-end device like the iPhone SE. It would also include 5G.

5G iPhone

Will the iPhone SE 4 be better than the iPhone 15?

If these leaks and rumors turn out to be true, the iPhone SE 4 could become a device that rivals the iPhone 15, despite its lower price. For example, the iPhone 15 lacks an action button, a feature that the SE 4 would adopt according to rumors.

Even if Apple decides to wait until 2025 to launch the iPhone SE 4, this device could eclipse the iPhone 16 with a more affordable price and similar features.