The Apple Watch Ultra is one of the new Apple devices launched in the second half of this year 2022. This new device is crowned as one of the most complete digital watches on the market with great hardware complemented by great software features and also, internal innovations. One of those innovations is the integration of dual GPS that allows a much more exact location to be achieved. Apple has confirmed in a support document that the latest generations of Apple Watch make use of integrated GPS without the need for an iPhone connection, We’ll tell you after the jump.

The new Apple Watch makes use of integrated GPS

The first smart watches from the Big Apple were the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Series 1. These two devices did not have GPS connectivity intrinsically within the hardware of the watch, but instead extracted location information thanks to the connection with the iPhone . However, from Apple Watch Series 2 all of them had a GPS chip to guarantee the location of the user in all watchOS functions.

There have always been doubts about the operation of the location or at what times the GPS connectivity of the watch itself was used. Apple has resolved these doubts through a support document in which the following is described in a footnote:

Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE (2nd generation) use Apple Watch’s built-in GPS even when iPhone is nearby. To conserve battery life, older Apple Watch models use iPhone GPS when available.

Apple Watch and its new Spotify app

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With this we can confirm that Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and 2nd generation they use the GPS chip built into the watch itself even when the iPhone is nearby. It’s a difference because previous watches (up to the Series 2) they use the iPhone’s GPS as long as the iPhone is nearby. With the sole objective of guaranteeing and optimizing the use of the battery. However, the new watches have already optimized their elements through hardware and can use GPS without having to depend on the iPhone.