The latest iPhone, with more than 200 euros discount

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of Apple’s flagships, since it is one of the best equipment and it adapts incredibly for any user. Now, we all know that Apple has raised the prices of the new generation of iPhone. Therefore, in this post we bring you an offer with which you can save you more than 200 euros on the purchase of your new iPhone 14 Pro. Next, we analyze the details of this offer

dizzying discounts

The iPhone 14 Pro, along with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, are both more advanced models that Apple sells for this year, both in its physical stores, Apple Store, Apple Premium Reseller or K-tuin and from the official Apple website. Despite having raised its price, its sales are being amazing, due to their Specificationswhich makes it one of the most interesting options on the market.

However, the price of this device is prohibitive for many users, since it has exceeded the barrier of 1,300 euros, which has caused many customers to prefer to buy another terminal or simply not update their iPhone to the latest generation. However, sometimes, there are platforms like Amazon that they usually throw mega offers so that many iPhone fans get excited about acquiring this latest generation. Of course, we are not talking about any discount, but about a discount of more than 200 euro, which makes it below the price of the iPhone 13 Pro at the time of launch. If you want to know more details about this Amazon news, we attach the discounted final price next. Remember that the official price in Spain is 1,319 euros.

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) – Silver: 111.00 euros
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) – Gold: 111.00 euros
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) – Space Black: 111.00 euros
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128GB)) – Dark purple: 111.00 euros

iPhone 14 Pro, an outstanding phone

This device stands out in the market for multiple reasons. The first of them is Your camera. In the field of photography and video, they are one of the best exponents on the market, and surely they are the most balanced of all. Also, it is important to note the multitude of professional options that this iPhone has, features like an improved Cinema Mode, Pro Raw mode and image and video editing options that offer an incredible experience.


Along with the aforementioned, one of its most outstanding points is, without a doubt, its size, a size of 6.1 inches, which gives it one of the resolutions and screen size most balanced on the market in terms of aspect ratio. This size allows it to accommodate a large battery, Placing it in one of the most complete autonomy on the market.

Finally, we cannot forget, the screen, It is also a real joy, and it is that in addition to its size, it has the ProMotion technology It is an advantage, since in the end the sensation of fluidity when using it makes a considerable difference.

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