The launch of Apple for companies that nobody expected

Apple Business Connect

Yesterday no one expected Apple to announce a new function or tool, but those from Cupertino always have something in store to surprise all users. In this case it was Apple Business Connecta new tool that aims to make things very easy for all owners of small, medium or large companies to make them as visible as possible within the different apps or services that Apple has for it.

This tool is completely free, so no user who wants to use it will have to pay to take advantage of it. With it, all businessmen will be able to claim their location cards as well as customize the way your businesses appear in Apple apps like Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri and other applications. In the end, they will be able to have control of all the information that is displayed about their companies in a more comfortable and simple way.

But beware, that this will not only benefit businessmen, but also It is also great news for other users. that on a large number of occasions they enter these apps to look for information on where to eat, the place where the store is located or information about a trip they are going to take soon. In the end, Apple Business Connect provides a much more direct way for business owners to connect with customers, as well as have control over how users view and interact with each other’s products or services. .

One of the points where Apple places the most emphasis is on Apple Mapssince with this new tool companies from all over the world will be able to manage directly and in a completely personalized way the information that appears on the interactive location card, being able to enter more information than it currently has, enrich it with photographs and even make more direct calls to action for users to take action, all from within the Apple Maps app itself.

apple business screenshots

One of the new features that Apple Business Connect provides is Showcaseswhich is a feature in the location card that will help all businesses present customers with the offers they are considering at all times, be it menu items or discounts on products that are out of season.

However, not everything is good news and it is that, for the moment, all this that we have told you will only be available initially in the United States, but beware, it is not expected that it will take long to reach the rest of the countries, so that we will have to be very attentive to the news that Apple offers about this new tool so useful for entrepreneurs and business owners.