The M3 MacBooks will have an exclusive version of macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma has arrived, and with this update some very interesting features that we have been able to test in recent weeks. Although apparently, the lucky ones who are going to purchase a MacBook Pro will soon be able to enjoy an exclusive version of macOS Sonoma for the M3.

So let’s take a look at what the new features of this update could be and what this would mean for users of the new MacBook M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max and also for the rest of the users.

macOS Sonoma for the M3

macOS Sonoma has been a topic of conversation among Apple fans in recent weeks and even months, since WWDC 2023. This latest update has brought with it a number of very interesting features that make the update worth it. So why would Apple want to release an exclusive version of the operating system for the M3 Macs?

The M3 range of MacBook Pros and iMacs will receive an exclusive version of this operating system. Which leaves us in a position of great interest in knowing and testing these new features that could be incorporated into the M3. However, before the rest of us get jealous, it’s important to note that owners of older MacBooks likely won’t need this update.

According to rumors, the current MacBooks have a build number of 23B2077, while both the MacBook Pro M3 and iMac will be released with build number 23B2073. This has led to speculation that these differences are due to minor bug fixes that will not apply to Macs and MacBooks with M1 and M2 chips. Although it remains to be seen what will really happen.

What makes macOS Sonoma so special?

In addition to its possible exclusivity in the M3 range, this update comes with some features that require special attention from Apple. One of the most interesting features is the hardware accelerated ray tracing, which promises a significant improvement in graphics and visual experience when we use our Mac for editing tasks or playing video games. Besides, the mesh shading technology and dynamic caching have also been incorporated, pointing to greater efficiency and better performance on devices running macOS Sonoma.

The reality is that the decision to buy now with the arrival of Macs with M3 or wait is a personal choice. If you decide to purchase an M3 device from Apple, you will undoubtedly enjoy having the latest and most powerful version of Mac and MacBook available in Apple stores for the time being. Although if you decide to go for other models like the MacBook Air M2, you can also enjoy an equally powerful and capable work and leisure tool.