The Mac Blacklist

The month of June is approaching and with it, the long-awaited WWDC, the event where Apple presents the new operating systems and devices that can update to macOS 14. However, despite the fact that the vast majority of models that updated to macOS Ventura will update to the new version of macOS, there are many devices that are not recommended acquire due to multiple characteristics that we are going to analyze below.

MacBook or iMac with Intel chip

He 2020 iMac and the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro They are two devices that have great performance today, because they have the most advanced Intel processors in their I7 and I9 versions. In addition, you can configure it from 8 and 16 GB of RAM respectively up to 128 and 64 GB of RAM, as well as add the most advanced graphics in its sector.

macbook pro m2

They are devices that have, at least, three years on the market, but they are sufficiently functional to bring about any task both low, medium and above all, high performance, be it professional video editing, rendering in Blender or interfaces in Figma.

The big problem with these units is that the transition to Apple Silicon is in its final stretch and, it is possible that despite the fact that they update to macOS 14, they do not have all the news that their silicon processors. Therefore, between their period of time on the market, their good but old features and the new stage of Macs, make them a bad option for this 2023.

13-inch MacBook Pro

In the same way that we criticized the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1, the MacBook Pro M2 is another great product that many users do not understand that Apple has in its catalog, mainly because it has a price outside the market in relation to the benefits it offers.

It is true that it incorporates the latest generation Silicon process, but it has the same chassis of older Macs, that is, slim MacBooks with only two USB-C ports. Therefore, it does not include the new features of MacBooks such as charger, HDMI, etc.

Another of his problems is Touch Bar, a product that Apple presented as revolutionary and ended up being a real failure, both for the own users and for the own developers They showed no interest in him.

Although you can buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro today in the official App Store, it is not a recommended product for its price and its hardware features.

Mac Pro

It is true that it is a team that is designed for professional use and a very clear and specific market segment. However, it is a professional product that has many years on the market And even though it’s an amazing unit, we have to look at Apple’s situation with its Apple Silicon.


The Mac Studio with its processors M1 Max and Ultra are devices that can offer similar performance in certain scenarios and circumstances to the Mac Pro. To all this, we have to add the price of the Mac Studio is half that of the Mac Pro, a compelling reason to opt for the most recent version and, not with a version that part of the 6,000 euros and that it has several years in the market.

mac studio 4

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