The Mac Mini cheaper than ever thanks to this 10% discount

Do you need a new desktop computer for your home and want it to be a Mac? If you are looking for an affordable option, but that at the same time has good performance and the guarantee of being an Apple product, below we show you the best prices for the Mac Mini M2 on Amazon.

The Mac Mini M2 is available at a discount in two models with different SSD storage capacities and 8GB of RAM. Let's see why this device is ideal for everyday tasks and a perfect option if you need to renew your desktop Mac at home.

The best deals for the Mac mini M2

The Mac Mini M2, known for its power thanks to the Apple Silicon M2 chip, is the ideal desktop computer for those looking for a reliable device to have at home, consult the Internet, write and modify documents, take notes and work with not very heavy applications. This Apple gem is now at an irresistible price on Amazon:

  • Mac Mini M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD Storage: The device can be had right now for only €648, which represents a 10% discount on its original price. Ideal for people who need to perform office tasks on the computer and students looking to perform well.

  • Mac Mini M2 with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD Storage– For those who need more storage space, this version is available for €849, which means an 11% discount on the original price. Perfect for users with large libraries of files, photos or applications who are not used to using external memory or cloud storage services.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

Why choose the Mac Mini M2?

Exceptional Performance

The M2 chip is the heart of the Mac Mini, offering a speed and energy efficiency amazing. This results in a smooth user experience, capable of handling everyday tasks and multitasking with ease, from web browsing and working with documents to photo and video editing. Although it is true that if your focus is on dedicated applications and serious photo and video editing or code compilation projects, we recommend that you opt for a model with +8GB of RAM.

Compact and elegant design

Its compact size makes it ideal for any workspace, it also has great connection capacity thanks to its wide range of ports. If you change your work or study area, you will be able to relocate your iPad Mini in a very short time thanks to its portability.

Mac mini late 2020 M1 ports

Who is the Mac Mini M2 ideal for?

He Mac Mini M2 It is the perfect choice for many users. Below we describe the profiles that we believe best fit the use of the device:

  • Families– Ideal for family use, from schoolwork to entertainment, the Mac Mini M2 is versatile, secure and fast for these types of tasks.
  • Students and professionals– Its performance makes it perfect for small desks in bedrooms or apartments, offering the tools necessary for research, writing documents and presentations.
  • Home Office Enthusiasts– For those working from home, the Mac Mini M2 offers a powerful solution that integrates seamlessly into any home office setup, ensuring productivity and connectivity.