The MacBook Air M2 discounted more than 200 euros on Amazon. Get it now!

If you are thinking of buying the MacBook Air with M2 processor, in this post we announce a very interesting price reduction, which Apple itself has launched in its official Amazon store. So if you want to know the models that are on sale, as well as the final prices, here we tell you everything.

Take advantage of this price of the MacBook Air M2 thanks to Amazon

The MacBook Air, far from being an “entry” computer, is actually a computer very powerful and capable thanks to the incorporation of the Apple M2 processor. Thanks to it, it is not left behind when it comes to carrying out more demanding and heavy tasks. And if we can get it at a lower price, then it positions itself as a much more interesting team to consider.

The offer is present in two specific models, both in the color White Star. One has the M2 configuration, 8GB unified memory (RAM) and 256GB of internal storage. The other, the M2 chip, 8GB unified memory (RAM) and 512GB of local memory space. And if having more internal storage is a differential factor when it comes to getting a computer, we are going to get more for less money. In this way, the price jump when it comes to obtaining double the capacity will also be less pronounced, but not if we buy it in the official Apple Store.

The official prices listed in both configurations are 1,519 euros, for the 256GB model and 1,869 euros, if we opt for the 512GB capacity. However, thanks to this reduction, they stay at 1299 euros (256GB) and 1636 euros (512GB). We are talking, then, of 220 euros for the base configuration and 233 euros in the event that we want the upper storage.

Amazon service is also a plus

If we are not familiar with Apple’s after-sales and delivery service, and we know much better how it works on Amazon, buying it in this store is also an advantage. Besides, the delivery of the computer is free and we also have alternative financing services.

The official Apple store only offers the possibility of paying in installments with Cetelem. Nevertheless, At Amazon we have CreditLine, thus being able to pay in up to 24 installments. So, by the way, we have an alternative system in case we don’t want to make the payment at once.

MacBook Air M2

The features of the MacBook Air M2

As we said at the beginning, the Apple M2 processor makes this computer a truly capable team. In addition, the interior is not the only thing that improves, but also the exterior, thanks to a redesign of the equipment. This change in the external appearance not only affects the aesthetic design, but also how the equipment is conceived.

We went from the classic “wedge” design to have a thin and light design reminiscent of the MacBook Pro. The screen grows to 13.6 inches and improves its technology, making it more quality than ever. And as for the ports, we have two USB type C with Thunderbolt standard, in addition to the MagSafe charging connector.