The MacBook Air M2 is on sale at MediaMarkt!

If you are thinking of getting a MacBook Air, this is the best time. Thanks to MediaMarkt’s Apple Days, we now have some great discounts in this range of computers. So if you want to know more about this offer, how long it lasts and the models that are included in the sale, in this post we will give you all the details.

MediaMarkt’s Apple Days knock down the prices of MacBook Airs

The first thing you should know about this offer is that the computer we are talking about is the MacBook Air with an Apple M2 processor. It is, therefore, the latest model presented in this product category, and thanks to the chip this becomes much more than an “entry computer with which to perform basic tasks.” So if you’re looking for a Mac with design thin and light, very portable and with power to sparethis is your choice.

But, yes, for elections, the models that are on sale. The basic configurations are: Apple M2 (on the processor) and 8GB of unified memory (RAM). However, you have to know that the 256GB and 512GB capacities are now cheaper, so the price jump of what it costs to increase the storage space (taking into account the official Apple Store prices) will be less.

As for the official prices of both models, the 256GB capacity is for 1,519 euros. On the other hand, the 512GB are at 1869 euros. However, thanks to the Apple Days sale, We have them for 1,299 euros (for the 256GB model) and for 1,689 euros (for the 512GB). We are talking about 220 and 180 euros, respectively, discount! And in terms of colors we have the following models available:

MediaMarkt’s Apple Days deals They will last until June 1. So if you want to get any of these models, now you can do it for a much lower price, and with free home delivery, or the possibility of receiving the order at the store of your choice. Take advantage now, and save!

MacBook Air are very versatile and powerful equipment

The incorporation of the Apple M2 processor offers a leap in power that, by no means, have to envy the MacBook Pro. Carry out video editing tasks with Final Cut Pro, audio editing with Logic Pro or GarageBand, and that the performance is optimum is possible thanks to this new chip.

But it’s not just powerful tasks that the MacBook Air lives on. If we are looking for a computer to carry out day-to-day tasks, without these being too demanding, and we also want to have the longest possible battery life, These computers give us up to 18 hours of autonomywithout having to go through the charger.

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