Apple has collaborated in the creation of the new Qi2 wireless charging standard, which will mean that Android smartphones will have MagSafe and will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of this magnetic and wireless charging system.

Surely you already know the Qi standard, the universal charging system that is currently in force in most mobile phones. The WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) is the one that defines the specifications that a charger must have in order to receive Qi certification, which guarantees that it meets the necessary specifications to be compatible with our devices and that it is also safe. This system has been with us for a good handful of years now, and the time has come to update it to the new Qi2, the new standard that has already been announced at CES2023 and on which the WPC and Apple have worked hand in hand.

The Qi2 standard will use a system of magnets to fix the wireless charger to the device that you want to recharge… that sounds like something to you, right? So that we all understand each other, we can say that the new Qi2 will essentially be a MagSafe system, only that it can be used by other brands without having to pay any fee to Apple, something that does happen now when a manufacturer wants to use this system. It’s strange that Apple has opened up its technology for use by any manufacturer, both smartphones and chargers, but it’s certainly great news for all users, even those who already have iPhones, because there will be many more MagSafe accessories and the prices will be reduced. MagSafe Battery

Apple can always keep an ace up its sleeve, and that its devices have exclusive functions when using its own MagSafe accessories, as is the case right now with the charging animations that appear on the screen when attaching a MagSafe accessory to the phone, or when placing it in a Certified charging base. The announcement of this new Qi2 standard does not mean that you have to wait a short time to see the first accessories certified with it, since they are not expected to start selling until the end of this year 2023 that we just started.