The Mail features everyone wants are here, in another app

The native Mail app significantly improved its features in 2022, with a new design and the incorporation of many functionalities to try to be a benchmark with respect to the mail management on Apple devices, with the aim of becoming an alternative to Spark, the best existing messaging app on the App Store. However, with the new version of Spark, again Mail has lagged behind. Let’s see what are the new features that make Spark the best email manager today.

Spark, the app that every user should have

It is an application that has been in the App Store for many years, awarded with various awards and is available in major operating systems such as macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. This email manager came out in 2015 and since then, there have been many users who use the application every day. Let’s see some news that this application has.

Multiple accounts and Quick Replies

In a highly connected world, having several email accounts is the order of the day, where you can have personal mail, work mail and mail for certain issues. Best of all, you can move from one email to another quickly, without having to leave one account to travel to another.

Many emails from receipt confirmation or email, requires quick responses that in many cases you can have predetermined messages with text prepared to save time. In this sense, Spark has this option through templates which makes users respond to their receivers quickly.

Grouping of emails and folders

One of its great benefits is the possibility of group email by topic, and that with a single glance you can see which emails need to be read and responded to quickly and which files do not have a high priority. In addition, you can also group emails by sender, in case you want to read several conversations quickly.

Next to the display of emails, you can move them to folders or pin them to always have them in an easily accessible position. In this sense, if you have several folders such as “projects”, “invoices”, “company emails” you can group them all in one folder to facilitate their search and classification. In this way, you can quickly know where you have all the files, because important emails are on the front line and those related to work, structured in folders.

Working with the Mac

User preview and productivity tools

The new version of Spark allows receive new emails on the first line that have come to you from people who could be unknown or advertising emails. In this sense, you can accept or block access to this email without accessing it with a single click to prevent the entry of files that could damage the device.

All of the aforementioned, plus the possibility of adding the options of marked in factwhich allows you to move completed mail to an archive folder, put away the mail to work with it later, leaving it marked or the possibility of keyboard shortcuts and actionswhich makes the Spark experience, by far, the best on the market.

Is Spark better than Mail?

Despite Mail’s attempts to become an alternative to Spark, its advantages, along with its free nature and integration with macOS, iOS and iPadOS, mean that many steps are still missing to bridge a gap which while true, has been reduced with the latest update. Finally, note that Spark has an option to payment for companies with premium features, however, for personal mail, the free version is more than enough.