The Meta Quest 3 could give us clues about the Reality Pro

Mark Gurman has once again talked about the design of the Reality Pro and this time he has done so through the prototype of the Meta Quest 3 that he has been able to test, this being the biggest competitor of the Reality Pro that Apple will present to us in a week.

So far, many of the Reality Pro renders indicate a chunky device, with “quite a lot of background” speaking in the distance from the eyes to the end of the device. However, that the Meta Quest 3 to be substantially thinner than Meta Quest 2gives indications of where the Reality Pro will go in terms of design and thickness.

And it is that, if Meta has been able to make a much finer device than its predecessor, Apple would use this same trick to have a better design. Those of Cupertino already have (a lot) Experience in miniaturizing device elementsand this would be a great new achievement and great news for Reality Pro.

Gurman’s experience using the Meta Quest 3 prototype may also indicate that the Reality Pro experience can be more convincing than expected. If Meta can create a mixed reality view good enough to drive an iPhone through using just two external cameras, then Apple’s vastly superior experience with around a dozen cameras should be a hell of a lot more realistic.

Regarding specifications, it seems that the Reality Pro will be much more sophisticated than the Meta Quest 3 in addition to benefiting from integration with the entire Apple ecosystem. However, Meta glasses will compete with a tight price ($500) vs. the expected price for the Reality Pro, which could be around $3,000, as we have heard on other occasions.

There is only one week left to reveal more details of the Reality Pro. A week to see where Tim and the rest of the Cupertino boys direct their future.