the most revolutionary company of 2023

Nothing has earned the nickname of the most innovative company and the one that most reminds us of Apple, whose Keynotes made the world get up from their seats to applaud the new product presented by the Californian firm. However, it seems that the tables have turned, and there is a new company called humane which has not only taken over from Nothing, but for many it is the most revolutionary company of the moment.

Imran Chaudhri

Apple has never been a pioneering company in launching new products, but rather it has been a company characterized by innovate from what exists to create reference products and new trends. This is undeniable.

In this sense, the software, which today is key in the Californian company, owes its position today to Imran Chaudhri, one of the Apple employees who worked the most in this area, generating interfaces such as that of the devices. today's mobile phones. His relationship with Apple ended in 2017 after more than 22 years in the company, having been of vital importance starting in 1996 with the return of Steve Jobs to the company.

What exactly is the new “AI Pin” Star-up?


Today, it is complicated Think about a product that will replace a computer or a smartphone. Here comes AI Pin, an accessory that seeks to create a new category in a market that has been showing signs of exhaustion for several years.

It is a device so small that it fits in the palm of the hand and that, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, seeks to revolutionize the transition of mobile devices into a new era.

This device has the ability to project and enable all the functionalities of any mobile phone in the palm of your hand: make calls, respond to messages and capture images. In addition, it performs other functions thanks to its AI-powered voice assistant. In fact, it presents solutions for blind people or even for people who suffer from some type of intolerance (you can ask AI Pin if it can be harmful to your health to eat a certain food).

AI pin

Humane call

During the presentation of this product, Imran Chaudhri had his new device in his jacket pocket, and he did not take it out until the end of it, remaining secret at all times, increasing the mysticism of a product he was looking for. revolutionize the way we communicate and relate to people and machines.

Obviously, it is a product that has to improve a lot and there are some quite poor aspects in terms of features and performance. Now, what was the first version of Photoshop like? What was the first generation of Apple Watch like? And folding phones? Improvements take time. In the end, the goal of the first generations of a product is to establish the foundations for its future and generate hype among users and, above all, among investors.

With all this that we have just seen, will Humane be the new Apple? For now, it has presented a product that is at least different and only time will tell if this accessory is worth it, if it is standardized among the population or if it becomes another gadget with only a magnificent marketing plan.