The new AirPods already have a release date

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the new headphones that Apple could be developing and even a hypothetical renewal of its top range, the AirPods Max. Well, we are going to talk about all this, since new information is known about what awaits the AirPods range from now on.

These are the news of AirPods

Taking into account that the AirPods 3 were launched very recently and the recent renewal of the AirPods Pro, the two models that remain to undergo an update are the 2nd generation AirPods and the AirPods Max, which were launched since 2020. , Apple has not yet made any changes to a product that has an official price of 629 euros.

Let’s go in parts. The second generation AirPods seems that they can be replaced by some AirPods Lite, that is, a much shorter and, of course, much cheaper version of the current third-generation AirPods. Much has been said about this product, but the reality is that the only information that is known about them is that they will be a cut version of the current ones, so users cannot expect great boasts from headphones that also stand out for having a price less than 99 dollars.

turn of the AirPods Max. Not much has been said about them, in fact the only rumor that has come out is of a possible colors update that it could arrive imminently, although yes, this rumor has been hanging around the Cupertino offices for some time and could become the new “AirPower case”, that is, it never really occurs. However, Ming Chi-Kuo, who is one of the most reputable analysts that can be found on Apple, has reported that the plans of the Cupertino company include making an evolution of its top-of-the-range headphones. Surely, this evolution will also be accompanied by new colors, but the main attraction will be the inclusion of new or improved features, such as noise cancellation, sound quality or who knows if Apple has a new function saved under its arm for this hypothetical second version of the AirPods Max. What they do have to improve is the case where these headphones are stored. since it is really nonsense, not because of the aesthetic section, but because this case hardly protects a product that, of course, is not cheap.

AirPods Max + iPhone

Let’s finally go with the release date of these two new AirPods, and it is that Kuo himself reports that, unfortunately, it will not be in this year 2023, but we will have to wait until 2024 and even, it is possible that they will be delayed until 2025. This delay is based on all the energy and resources that Apple is putting into developing its virtual reality glasses, about which so much is being talked about. However, as we always say, these are just rumors, so we will have to wait to really see where these hypothetical new products move.