The new AirPods Pro and the rest of the models, cheaper than Apple

AirPods have been able to win over millions of users who put them in their ears every day to listen to a podcast or their favorite songs. However, the price of these is not very cheap, therefore, having offers like the one we bring you in this post is a very good way to save a good amount of money on the purchase of your new Apple headphones.

discounts available

If you were waiting for Apple to lower the prices of its AirPods, we are sorry to tell you that it will not happen. The Cupertino company maintains its prices from start to finish, and if they drop, it is always caused by the release of a new device, although even in this case, the most common move is to remove the previous model from the catalog . For this reason, whenever you can find a discount like the one we tell you about in this post, you have to take it into account and if you were also thinking of buying one of these pieces of equipment, take advantage of it and save yourself some money. Below are the available discounts.

  • 2nd generation AirPods: 11 euros discount.
  • 3rd generation AirPods: 8 euros discount.
  • 1st generation AirPods Pro: 60 euros discount.
  • 2nd generation AirPods Pro: 15 euros discount.

Which AirPods are for you?

One of the “negative” points of having such a wide catalog of headphones is that when choosing, many users may have doubts about which of all of them is the most suitable depending on their use. Well, in the case of 2nd generation AirPods, are designed for those users who want something basic, to use at home from time to time. They do not have noise cancellation, and the sound they offer, despite being very good, is not at the same level as their older brothers. Now, it is also the cheapest option and, of course, they shine for their comfort.

We now focus on the 3rd generation AirPods, which we can consider a 1st generation AirPods Pro but without noise cancellation. They do not have the typical rubber bands and the sound they offer is really good. They have compatibility with spatial audio and lossless audio from Apple Music, also shining for their comfort.

iPhone and AirPods

Finally, we make the leap to the AirPods Pro, where there are now two exponents and two different options. The 1st generation AirPods Pro They are AirPods 3 but with noise cancellation, and watch what cancellation. Their sound is really good and they have the typical pads that improve that isolation from the outside. You also have to take into account the ambient mode, which is really useful in many moments. As for the AirPods Pro 2nd generation It should be mentioned that, despite the fact that the design is exactly the same as its previous generation, inside they have changed. Noise cancellation is two steps above, but where there has really been a change is in sound quality, staying very close to the AirPods Max.

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