The new from Apple is here

Tuesdays can be wonderful, and if not, tell Apple, who had a truly incredible afternoon yesterday. Not only did he announce Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad, but he also announced the full Pride pack, Apple Watch band, face, and wallpaper. Well, not content with that, they released the RC beta versions of the new operating systems. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

As we say, yesterday Tuesday was a big day for Apple, since announced one of the most anticipated novelties in years for the iPad. However, a new Pride strap was also announced for next week, accompanied by a new face and wallpaper available with new versions of different operating systems. It was in this way that Apple announced their arrival date, which was reaffirmed with the arrival of the beta RC versions of all these versions.

Any news in the RC beta?

The RC beta is the final version that Apple releases to all developers order to confirm that everything works perfectly, that is, if everything goes well, there will be no modification and this update will be the one that officially reaches all users in just a few days. Therefore, this means that in this type of beta, Apple never includes any modification that has not been seen in the previous ones, with the exception in this case that there will be both the Pride Celebration wallpaper and the new one. watchface in watchOS 9.5.

iPhone and watch PrideThe truth is that iOS 16.5 is the most decaffeinated version of iOS 16, that is to say, the one that introduces fewer changes, since all the previous ones have had, fortunately, a series of novelties that raised the attention of all users. However, it is normal that with the passage of Apple versions the number of new features decreases, since these always end up arriving in the first versions.

However, This is not to say that its installation is not important.since in addition to the small functions and novelties that come with it, improvements in the performance of the equipment are also included, and of course, security updates, so it is totally recommended and advisable that all users who have a computer compatible, update to the new versions.


Tips before upgrading

When updating an Apple device, a series of very important factors must be taken into account, and above all, take certain actions to secure the device before updating it, as well as to guarantee that the update process is going to be successful. carry out correctly. We list them below.

  • Make a backup.
  • Ensure that you have enough time to carry out the entire process calmly.
  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Have a high battery percentage.