The new iPad 10 comes out today and this is why you should buy it

Last week Apple introduced the new “economic” iPad, that is, the so-called student iPad. Well, today they are on sale and in this post we are going to give you some reasons why you should buy, today, this iPad is a very good idea, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tablet. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Reasons to buy the 10th generation iPad

One of the most anticipated renovations was that of this iPad, since it is the entry-level iPad and, consequently, the cheapest model you can buy, although well, now we will clarify that for you. The truth is that, of course, Apple has carried out a really positive evolution of this product, and for this reason we believe that it is an excellent purchase, then we will give you the reasons.

  • The design change it is just as users expected and wanted. Finally, the iPad adopts the all-screen design that the rest of the models have, giving it a more modern, minimalist and careful look. Without borders and also with different really striking and attractive colors, so that each user can choose the one they like the most.

  • One of the most important functional changes, if not the most, is the introduction of USB-C instead of the Lightning port. With this port the possibilities of the iPad grow exponentially, since from now on many more accessories can be connected to it. It was also the only iPad model that kept the Lightning port, and also, considering that it is an iPad very focused on the student public, having this port will make it much more usable than before.
  • The design change also brings with it new accessories for this iPad, and one of them is the new keyboard. Apple has called it Magic Keyboard Folio, which comes with a trackpad, being very similar to the Magic Keyboard in functionality, but with a slightly different construction. The presence of this keyboard also means that users of this iPad can use it more than ever “like a computer”.

new keyboard

  • ‌What has not changed is the Apple Pencil, since this model is still compatible, like its predecessor, with the 1st generation Apple Pencil. Initially this has been classified as an error by Apple, but considering that most of the public that buys this iPad will be those who previously had one of its predecessors, it will cause them not to have to spend more money on a new Apple Pencil. Yes, they will need an adapterto be able to charge it, since the 1st generation Apple Pencil has Lightning, while this iPad has a USB-C.
  • The price It’s another reason to buy it. It is true that compared to the 9th generation iPad it has risen considerably, in fact, its price has increased by 200 euros. However, for all those who wanted a cheaper iPad but with the same design and almost the same features as the iPad Air, they have the ideal option in this model, since part of the €579.