The new iPad Pro, will it be like this?

Once the iPhone event has passed, which this time was held on Wednesday, September 7, it is time to focus on the next one, which if everything goes as expected, will take place in October. In it, surely the star device will be the iPad Pro, and it seems that Apple has many new things to show us about this device. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

As we said, once the “fever” for the new iPhone has been overcome, the iPad takes on more prominence every day, since in the hypothetical event in October two of its main models will be renewed. For one thing, the entry-level iPad will reach its 10th generation, and it will do so in the best possible way, with a design change and specs that bring it closer to the iPad Air. How could it be otherwise, the iPad Pro will also have a renewal, both of its 11-inch model and the large, 12.9-inch model.

iPad Pro news

Everything seems to indicate that the main protagonist of this event, or at least of everything related to the iPad, will be the iPad Pro, which, predictably, will have a series of improvements and new features that will delight all iPad users. . Next we talk about what is expected of him.

  • The M2 chip It is practically confirmed for these new iPads, even more so knowing that it will be a clear way to differentiate the Pro range from the Air range, since so far both have the same M1 chip. This will make the iPad Pro remain the most powerful model, and therefore the most suitable for those professionals who use very heavy applications.
  • new glass design. Until now, all iPads have featured an aluminum-based design, which gives it a really elegant touch. However, to bring a touch of fresh air to the design of the iPad Pro, it seems that Apple intends to include the glass on the back of the iPad Pro. It will be necessary to check if it bets on the finish that the iPhone Pro has, or on the one that the “normal” models have.
  • One of the consequences at a functional level that the inclusion of glass in the back could bring would be the incorporation, also to the iPad, of the wireless chargingsince currently with aluminum it is not possible to do so.
  • The Smart Connector It is one of the hallmarks of the iPad, well, it seems that it could also be renewed with this new generation.
  • New Apple Pencil. This is one of the rumors that must be taken with more tweezers, since at the outset it is hard to see how Apple could evolve the 2nd generation Apple Pencil to make a more advanced and better stylus.

iPad Air from the front

Obviously, all this that we have told you is nothing more than rumours, since naturally, Apple has not come out to confirm any of these news, so you have to be careful and not take anything for granted, although when the river sounds water carries. However, every day there is less to get out of doubt and find out if Apple finally makes a great revolution in the iPad Pro.