The new iPhone 14 is on sale for Black Friday Take advantage!

The arrival of Black Friday is making itself felt, and proof of this is the number of offers that are already available despite the fact that this special date is not celebrated until the end of the month. One of the winners in this regard is the new iPhone 14, which has a great discount at MediaMarkt. We tell you everything in this post.

Discount on the iPhone 14

It is not usual, despite being Black Friday, to see discounts on the latest devices presented by Apple, especially considering that A few months ago these iPhone 14s went on the market. However, this is great news for all users who were waiting for these models to drop in price to be able to buy them, in fact, it is possible that many who had in mind buying the iPhone 13 because they have a lower price, can now consider paying a little more and reaching what the iPhone 14 costs with this offer, since it is quite close to the official price of the iPhone 13 in the Apple Store.

It is nothing new to say that Black Friday, and now also the previous weeks, is one of the best times to buy technological products, since most of them have interesting discounts, but, as we said, have the iPhone 14 for 979 euros, when its official price in the Apple Store is 1009 euros, it is a very good opportunity to save money on the purchase of your new equipment. Of course, do not think that this offer is eternal, since it has a limited time, specifically until November 23, so if you are thinking of buying this device, I would go quickly for it, I would choose the color you want , since they are all available, and I would pay for it as soon as possible to be able to enjoy it in the shortest possible time.

Is the iPhone 14 worth it?

This is one of the most repeated questions since Apple launched this device on the market last September. The answer has always been the same, surely the smartest purchase for all those users who have the iPhone 14 in mind is the iPhone 13, since there are hardly any changes from one model to another. This reflection is completely conditioned by the price of the iPhone 14which as we have told you amounts to 1009 euros in the Apple Store, so paying up to 100 euros more is not the best idea when it really is practically the same device.

iPhone 14

Now, taking into account the discount that MediaMarkt applies to the iPhone 14, the situation changes, and it is that despite the fact that it is still a more expensive device than the iPhone 13, perhaps for some users the small differences between them do , be worthy of paying that extra for the iPhone 14 before staying with the iPhone 13. However, as we always say, everything will depend on the needs and use that each user will make of the device, so our recommendation is to seriously assess your needs and what each device offers you .