The new iPhone SE will surprise you and for good

Much has been said and of course, there will continue to be talk of what will be the hypothetical new iPhone SE, now, if up to now the expectations were not very high, after the statements made by Ming Chi Kuo, the expectation for this new device it is growing by the minute. If you want to know what the next version of this cheap Apple iPhone will be like, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

The news about the iPhone SE we could say that they are tumbling, and it is that much has been said and written about the renewal of this team. In fact, the last known leaked information indicated that Apple had stopped development completely of the next generation of iPhone SE, since many expected this renewal in 2023. So much so, that Ming-Chi Kuo himself stated that Apple had abandoned the idea of ​​​​launching the 4th generation iPhone SE in 2024.

Well, it seems that Apple has started the development of this hypothetical device again, which, if it is as it has been leaked, has many chances of being a real sales successboth for the characteristics that are assumed and for the price, which is usually quite cheap, allowing many users to have an iPhone without having to spend almost a thousand euros.

What’s new in the iPhone SE

The highlight that Ming-Chi Kuo has declared is not the fact that Apple has started development of this device again, but what this team will be like. According to this analyst, who is one of the most prestigious in the Apple world thanks to the large number of successes that it has advanced in the form of information, the next iPhone SE we could say that it will be an iPhone 14with all that this entails.

The first thing that stands out about the equipment is the design, since it will say goodbye to the traditional front with a button to finally make the leap to the all screen that accompanies the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone X. But beware, that is not the only thing that is going to change, since something that has been heard about this team for a long time is that it will make the leap to a 6.1 inch screen. This will be a rather drastic change, since in the end the iPhone SE also occupies a position, due to its size, which means that many users who are supporters of small phones have a real market option in it, hence the The vast majority thought that the next iPhone SE would be the iPhone mini that Apple has loaded with the iPhone 14 generation.

iPhone 13 mini screen

Another important leap for all the potential users of this iPhone SE is the screen, it not only increases in size but also it will be OLED, leaving behind the current LCD that the 3rd generation iPhone SE has. Finally, another rumor that good old Kuo has leaked is that he will have the 5G modem that is custom designed by Apple. Without a doubt, this is great news, since it will allow many users to purchase a “modern” iPhone, at a much cheaper price than the top of the range. Yes indeed, until 2024 It does not seem that Apple is going to launch this renewal.