The new Mac mini costs you less than 700 euros on Amazon

One of the problems that many users face when wanting to buy an Apple computer is the price that these have, and it is that usually the vast majority of models have a fairly high price, now, there is a great An exception that, of course, will be great for you to be able to enjoy an Apple computer for a much lower price than you expected.

Mac mini with M2 deal

No one can doubt that Apple computers are a true marvel, in fact since the company made the leap to its own processors, the performance that they have provided to all the users who have opted for them is truly incredible, and that is that the Leap compared to models with Intel processors has been really big.

Now, as we mentioned, the price of these is not cheap at all, in fact the vast majority of models far exceed 1000 eurosNot to mention models with more “professional” capabilities. However, there is a model that delights all those who purchase it, and it is the Mac mini. A few lines below we will tell you if it is really worth it or not, but the first thing we want you to know is that you can buy it on Amazon for less than 700 euros, specifically It has a price of 694 eurosand of course, an Apple computer with the M2 chip and this price is a real opportunity that you can not miss.

Is the Mac mini worth it?

Once you know the price at which you can buy the Mac mini M2 At Amazon we go with the assessment that we can carry out on this computer. We have always said that one of the computers that has benefited the most from the leap to Apple’s own processors has been the MacBook Air, well, perhaps this increases even more with the Mac mini, since until Apple introduced the M1 and later all the processors that have been arriving, this device was practically on the verge of death.

New Mac mini 2020

Now with the M2, It is one of the computers that offers the best quality/price ratio to users. It has enough power to be able to satisfy all the daily needs of the vast majority of people, yes, you have to take into account that this specific model has 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, so you are thinking For day-to-day tasks or, occasionally, some action that does require more power.

Finally, you have to know that when you buy the Mac mini M2 so you are only buying the computer itself, that is, the toweryou will have to be the one who provides the rest of the peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse or trackpad, so you have to take into account that if you do not have any of this at home, you will have to purchase them separately.

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