The new OLED iPads are going to increase in price and this is what they could cost

This year 2024 is marked on the calendar for iPads. After a historic 2023, in which we have not seen any renewal in any of the models, a significant change is expected in the current period: all the models that we know are going to be remodeled, and one of the most anticipated novelties is the system OLED screen. New technology, to have superior quality. But this will impact prices, and it will not be downwards.

It has been the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac who has echoed a new report from the DigiTimes portal, in which they announce that yes: there will indeed be a price increase in the models that we are going to see this year. However, “the rise is not going to be as dramatic as was initially rumored,” they explain.

New iPad models with OLED screens are already in production. And there is less left to see what the new features (and prices) that will end up reaching the different markets are going to be.

There is a key fact: the cost of the screen

OLED technology is more expensive than the current iPad screens. This cost is not only affected by the end user. It also has an impact on the company, when it comes to purchasing parts and supplies to manufacture its iPads. The information that is announced is that the new OLED screen component, both in the 11 and 13-inch iPad Pro, It's going to be “around” $160.. This is the additional price that Apple will have to pay the supplier for this component. According to what 9to5Mac explains, this information has been provided to the DigiTimes media by sources that have not been mentioned.

To all this, they explain that if Apple chooses to use M3 chips and OLED screens for the entire iPad Pro line, Prices may increase by about $160, which could impact sales«, they explain. Thus, we are in a scenario in which the price would not rise by more than 200 dollars for the final consumer. Is it an increase? Yes. But it is not what was originally rumored.

An even greater increase was expected

The context of the prices of the iPad Pro OLED has more dramatic origins, as far as prices are concerned. The Elec media outlet, in the past, announced that prices could rise significantly. And how was the scenario expected? In the following way:

  • $1,500 starting price for the 11-inch iPad Pro
  • $1,800 starting price for the 13-inch iPad Pro

If we take into account the price (in dollars) of what these base iPad Pro models currently cost, we have a chasm between some figures and others:

  • Currently the 11″ iPad Pro starts at $799
  • Currently the 13″ iPad Pro starts at $1,099

A price increase of $701 was therefore expected on both iPad models. Nothing to do with the new paradigm in which it is speculated that this increase will not reach 200 dollars.

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