The new version for iPhone and iPad is very close

Yesterday the big news from Apple was the launch of the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus in yellow. However, it was not the only thing that the Cupertino company launched since it also released the third beta of iOS 16.4. Therefore, if you want to know everything that these new versions hide, keep reading and we will tell you.

Apple continues to work to offer users the best possible experience when using their different devices, and proof of this is the number of new features that it has been introducing since iOS 16 was launched in September. In each and every One of the updates that those from Cupertino have released for users has arrived with an interesting function and, above all, useful for those who enjoy a device that is compatible with both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

What’s new in beta 3 of iOS 16.4

As you can foresee if you are already a regular or a regular at the iOS and iPadOS betas, this beta 3 of iOS 16.4 does not bring many new features compared to beta 2, not to mention that it does not change anything for the user. Now, that does not mean that Apple has released this version to be released, since behind it, in the shadows, there is a lot of work and many changes that have been made so that the stability and performance of this version continue to improve for the future. a launch that, of course, is getting closer.

It is very common in this type of development that all the functional and visual innovations arrive in the first or second beta, and it is from then on when Apple focuses its efforts much more on offering a truly stable operating system, providing a great user experience. . And that’s just what happens with this version. Although if you agree, and to refresh your memory, we are going to tell you what are the news that you can enjoy when those from Cupertino release the final version of iOS 16.4.

  • new emoji. Without a doubt, this is always a great attraction for the vast majority of users, since the possibility of having more emoticons makes many and many want to install this version on their devices. In this case, there are up to 31 new emojis, among which the shaking head, the pink and blue heart, a donkey, moose, jellyfish, and even ginger, among others, stand out.
  • Safari Push Notifications They also arrive as one of the great novelties of both iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, and that is that from now on you can receive these notifications from all those websites that you add to your home screen. In addition, these notifications will be the same as those you would receive from any other application.
  • Apple gives more power to other browsers. As of the arrival of the official versions of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4, users will also be able to add websites to the home screen from other browsers such as Chrome.
  • Upgrade of all HomeKit architecture.
  • What’s new in the Podcast and Apple Music interface.