The next iPad mini may not be what we expected

Evolutionary changes in Apple products usually occur in a rather curious way. On the one hand, they maintain the same design but change the interiors of the devices. On the other hand, disruptive (and necessary) changes occur between one generation and the other. But at the end of the day, it is a very organic evolution.

In the case of the iPad mini 6, we currently have the USB type C connection port, and we have said goodbye to Lightning. We embrace the new 8.3-inch screen, leaving behind the 7.9. The “all screen” design without Home button that we saw for the first time on the iPad Pro has also arrived. And regarding the processor, we have gone from an A12 (in the fifth generation) to an A15, in the current generation. And all these changes have occurred from one generation to another.

Maybe it’s a processor upgrade, rather than a change in usage.

As announced by the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider, the seventh-generation iPad mini It could simply be a processor upgradeinstead of a radical change as we saw in this most recent generation.

This has been known thanks to a publication in I wonder if the screen jelly effect still exists. I’m curious”.

iPad mini 7 still doesn’t have 120Hz, supposedly only the AP changed from iPad mini 6…

I wonder if the jelly scrolling issue still exists? 🥲I’m curious.

— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) October 10, 2023

As reported in the same medium, the term AP referred to in the publication refers to “Application Processor.” In other words, the processor inside, remember that the sixth generation iPad mini is an Apple A15.

Therefore, as is being discussed online, we would simply see a change inside, in terms of the processor, but keeping all other external components intact. What they also explain is that the 120Hz screen, which we currently only have on the iPad Pro, and which we would not see this year on the iPad mini “is not a surprise.”

It must be remembered that the evolutionary line of the iPad has its origin of change in the Pro range. Later, these reach the iPad Air. And once they have reached this model, they move on to the others. To all this, it is speculated that the next generation of iPad mini could arrive at the end of this 2023 or at the beginning of next year 2024. Which, added to this new information on how the equipment would be updated “seems a realistic proposition,” according to what they argue. on Appleinsider.