The novelty of the iPhone 15 that nobody talks about

The iPhone 15 is undoubtedly one of the models that is being talked about the most for different reasons, but mainly because of its hypothetical design change. This is making one of the big changes that this team is going to bring go completely unnoticed, therefore, in this post we want to tell you what it is about and how this change will affect users.

Goodbye to the physical buttons of the iPhone

Apple’s main goal is to reach the ultimate expression of minimalism on your devices, and it is that as can be seen in the equipment that has the apple logo, they are increasingly “cleaner” products. Of course, there are times when this move has not gone so well, and an example of this are the MacBook Pro, which after Apple removed the famous ports and left only the USB-C, with this generation they have returned to be present in the sides of the equipment, leaving aside this minimalism that, in the end, detracted from productivity and functionality of Apple computers.

Well, the next one, as we say, is the iPhone, since all the rumors indicate that the iPhone 15, or at least the Pro models could say goodbye to traditional physical buttonsand be replaced by haptic zones which, naturally, would do the same function as the physical buttons. Undoubtedly, if it came true, it would be something really new and a change that, in addition, would also bring other benefits, such as having a much more waterproof device.

However, and no one has asked this, this change to pressure zones instead of buttons would also bring with it the disappearance of the famous mute button, something that has characterized the iPhone for a long time, even becoming a claim by Android users for their devices. We say this because we understand that if what Apple wants is to have the frames completely free of buttons, it would be strange if it only kept this button, so it will have to implement a solution through software to imitate the operation of this button so loved by all. Apple users.

Apple discriminates again

As you may be imagining, and it is something natural that was expected, This design change will not reach all iPhone 15 modelsand it is that it will be one more reason used by Apple to try to convince users to buy one of the two Pro models of the iPhone 15. This means that both the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus will not have these frames free of physical buttons, and will maintain the traditional aesthetic that has been given so far.

big and small iphone

In addition, it must be taken into account that This novelty is not the only one that will not reach the iPhone 15 and 15 Plusso it will be necessary to check how Apple also “sells” these two iPhone models so that users feel attracted to these models and not only to the Pro range, which of course, this time seems to be really Pro .