The novelty that Apple wants to introduce in the iPad that you did not expect

Despite all the news that Apple has been launching in recent weeks or even months, the reality is that within Cupertino the pace does not slow down. Proof of this is the number of rumors that come to light about new products, such as a hypothetical giant iPad Pro. If you want to know what it is, keep reading and we will tell you everything.

A giant iPad Pro

The rumors about everything that Apple could present in the next few dates never rest, some of them end up being right and becoming a reality, while others quickly vanish. The last one that has been known about the iPad that, in theory, Apple would be preparing for next year has to do with the iPad Pro screen size.

Recall that, at least so far, the iPad Pro has two different screen sizes, the “smallest”, which is 11 inchesand the largest, which reaches the 12.9 inches. We would like to say that both are exactly the same except for the screen size, but the reality is quite different, since Apple reserves some of the best features to make the 12.9-inch iPad the best in terms of specifications.

The information known and echoed by the American medium MacRumors, puts on the table the fact that from Cupertino they are developing an iPad Pro larger than the 12.9-inch one, reaching have a screen up to 16 inches, that is, the same as the 16-inch MacBook Pro that is currently on sale. This information is based on a report by Wayne Ma of the media «The Information»which also says that this model would be aimed at creative professionals such as graphic artists and designers who prefer a larger screen.

using ipad pro 2021

Assuming that Apple finally ends up making this 16-inch iPad a reality, there are two questions that many users will surely ask about the consequences of this launch. The first one would be, how much is this device going to cost? If you open the Apple Store you can see how the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts right now, in its basic version of 128 GB from 1,449 euros, 400 euros more than the 11-inch one, so if the trend continues, we could be talking about an iPad Pro that would start at around 1,800 euros at least.

The second unknown has to do with the 11-inch iPad Pro, since only with the MacBook Pro Apple has maintained 3 devices with three different screen sizes. In addition, considering that Apple does not give this device the same features as its older brother, it would not be surprising that with the launch of this 16-inch iPad it would say goodbye to the 11-inch one, making all those users who want to a device of that size would have to purchase the iPad Air.

iPad Pro 12,9 and 11

However, this they are just rumors that time will tell if they were really right or not, the reality is that today Apple has just launched two “new” iPad Pro models that are capable of delighting all users who are lucky enough to have with them on a daily basis.