The number of active Apple devices will surprise you

That Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world is hardly a surprise to anyone. However, despite the omnipresence of the company, if we take a deeper look at why Apple has so much power, and we begin to see figures about its businesses, here more than one may begin to hallucinate. And it is that Apple has published how many devices it has activated at this time, and You can’t imagine how many they can be.

A quarter of the people on the planet

Apple is characterized as a company that controls its hardware and software. Unlike other companies that allow the installation of their operating system on third-party devices, in this case, everything what Apple has on the market is 100% its own brand. The hardware of the iPhone or iPad is made by Apple. The operating system, too. It is not possible to install iOS on an Android. And it is also not possible to install macOS on a non-Mac computer.

It is important to start by making this clarification, since we are talking about active devices, which are 100% controlled by the same company. And if we see the number of them that are activated at the moment, the figure takes on even more weight than it may already have. Apple recently released the number of devices it currently has activated. Although it has not given an exact and exhaustive figure, the truth is that the data that they have revealed impresses, to say the least.

«The installed base exceeds 2 billion active devices and reaches an all-time high in all major product categories”, explains the company in the results report for the first fiscal quarter of 2023. The fiscal year is different from the calendar year. That is why this immeasurable figure is as of December 2022, when it was closed. However, the results of these figures were not published until February 2, 2023.

If we take into account that the Earth right now has 8,000 million inhabitants, and that Apple has exceeded 2,000 million activated devices in this period, we are talking about the number of Apple products that are working equivalent to a quarter of all human beings that right now we are populating the planet.

2 billion devices is an exorbitant amount. But it is not only necessary to keep the weight of the figure. It must be borne in mind that all these 2,000 million belong to the same company, which controls all phases: from design and manufacturing, through operating systems, services and the hardware itself.

In the results report, the company also comments on the benefits they are obtaining. “The company registers some quarterly revenue of $117.2 billionWe have achieved record revenues of $20.8 billion in our Services line of business and generated $34 billion of operating cash flow.” These figures are just some that Apple handles at this time. If you want to read the full report you can do it from this link.