As you know and we have suffered during the pandemic, when Face ID or Touch ID does not work properly, the iPhone asks us for the access code, which can be 4 or 6 figures. Which by the way, I highly recommend that it be 6 figures. Let’s make things difficult. However, using the code in public can bring us bad experiences when our mobile is stolen. With that code you can access everything we have locked away on the phone, which today is almost our entire lives. That is why it is better that you follow these safety tips.

Face ID and Touch ID is a technology that seeks to increase the security of our terminal by not being able to access it or certain applications and services without certain biometric data. In the first case, the shape of our face predetermined by the eyes and secondly by the imprint of one of our fingers. In case of failure, we find a numerical code that we must enter. The fact is that the latest thefts that are taking place in the US (so it will soon be exported to the whole world) is that the thieves wait for the user to enter the unlock code. With this, when the mobile is stolen they can access certain data but above all they can change the Apple ID and with that make the iPhone completely theirs. They will have access to keys, passwords, and applications that are locked. They will become the new owner of your digital life.

To do this, you can implement a series of security measures so that in case this happens to you, the damage can be minimized:

  1. Don’t save to iCloud Keychain important passwords such as bank keys. To do this, purchase a third-party application that has its own independent access system from the iPhone’s numerical key.
  2. Do not enter the code in the middle of many unknown people. Try to somehow cover the screen when you type it. You can even buy one of those anti-spy shields. Of course, the position of the fingers marks the way, so you can use both hands when typing and that raises doubts.
  3. Change the access code. It goes from a numeric one to an alphanumeric one. PFor that go to Settings>FaceID and passcode>change passcode>choose options>alphanumeric passcode.
  4. Don’t forget to activate the two factor authentication in the Apple ID account. With that, we may avoid many scares and upsets.