Lately we are seeing how the big changes of the new iPhone models focus on improving the cameras of the devices. And it is that today the design or even technology changes are quite insignificant. As for the iPhone cameras, there is still a lot of ground to explore. Nobody can deny the great change that mobile photography has given in recent years, but it can be improved. Zoom, for example, has always been a compromised element of cameras due to the small size of the lens, but telescopic zoom can be the solution. The 2024 iPhone Pro will come with a periscopic zoom according to the latest rumors. Keep reading that we give you all the details.

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, we mean a zoom for iPhone placed verticallythat is, since the different lenses of a zoom lens have to have a certain distance between them and in the case of mobile devices this is impossible due to the small space that the cameras have, the periscopic zoom would be placed inside the device vertically, and if you know how a periscope works from submarine movies, in this case it would work the same with internal mirrors. What do we get with this? so what the focal length can even go up to 10x, compared to 3x that we currently have.

There was talk that this would not reach all Pro models, that it would be only for the Max / Ultra model, but now the new rumors suggest that it will be present in both Pro models, which makes a lot of sense from our point of view. We’ll see how this progresses, without a doubt the improvement of the zoom seems to be the next step in mobile photography, and the internal periscope is undoubtedly the solution to space problems. We will continue to inform you.