The new 48 Mpx sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max causes that, to its maximum potential, capture images that can take up to 80MB of space on your phone.

The most important update of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max comes from the hand of the camera, at least when it comes to the actual use of the phone. The new 48Mpx main sensor with the “quad-pixel” system will allow you to capture photos with much more information, which can be used by the new A16 Bionic processor to perform a processing that results in clearer, brighter images with a higher level of detaileven in unfavorable light conditions. But this comes at a price: the photos will take up more space, much more space.

If we want to use the camera to its full potential and squeeze the 48Mpx sensor to the maximum, we must use Apple’s ProRAW system, and this will mean that the photos we capture may occupy more than 80MB of space. So if you plan to use the 48Mpx, prepare the card for an iPhone of at least 256GB (even more would be recommended), or pay for more iCloud storage to free up space on your phone.

iPhone 14 Pro

However, do not panic, because most iPhone users should not use the ProRAW system, which is for “professional” use of photographs. If you opt for the conventional system, which is also the one that is also configured by default, the photographs will continue to be at 12Mpx, and they will occupy more or less the same as until now. Does this mean that you will not take advantage of the new features of the camera? Not much less. What the camera’s “quad pixel” system will do is use all the information from the 48Mpx sensor but it will join four pixels into one, so that the result will be a 12Mpx photo but with much more information that can be used to get photos top.