The price of the iPad 9 on the ground thanks to this offer

The 9th generation iPad is the cheapest that Apple sells within its entire Apple Store, in fact, with the launch of the new iPad 10 and its price increase, many users have bet more heavily on this device. Well, now they can do it with even more conviction, since the discount on Amazon is really incredible. Keep reading that we will tell you.

discounts available

One of the devices that Apple has in its store and that most attracts the user’s attention due to its price is the 9th generation iPad. It is about the input range, which does not mean that it does not have enough capacity to be able to satisfy the needs of many users, although we will talk about it a few lines below. As we said, the most striking thing is the price, and it is that it is a really cheap device and very accessible for all budgets. Well, if you add to that the discount it has on Amazon, the price of this equipment remains on the ground, being a fantastic opportunity to acquire it. We leave you the discounts below.

  • iPad 9th generation with 64 GB of storage
    • Space gray color: 70 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 70 euros discount.

  • iPad 9th generation with 256 GB of storage
    • Space gray color: 80 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 123 euros discount.

Is the 9th generation iPad worth it?

Apple has a wide range of iPad models within its catalog, even more so now that after the launch of the 10th generation iPad, it has also kept this iPad 9 on sale for all those who want to buy it. For this reason, it is possible that when choosing between all these options, many users wonder if it is really worth buying this input model, and the answer is the same as always, It all depends on the needs of each person..

iPad + smart keyboard

The 9th generation iPad is a basic modelwhich is intended cover the most common needs and undemanding of the vast majority of users, hence its price and its specifications. It is compatible with 1st generation Apple Pencil and with him Apple Smart Keyboardin addition to being the only iPad that Apple sells that maintains the traditional design with borders and Touch ID in the center button. It is a device that is ideal for taking notes next to the Apple Pencil at the university or any other situation, to view multimedia content, browse the internet or make a text document. All this without having an unusual performance, but offering a very good experience without fanfare, and above all, for a very affordable price, which is the great point of this iPad.

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