The price of the iPhone 14 continues to drop and I am looking forward to buying it

The iPhone 14 is a device that with the release of the iPhone 15 has acquired a very interesting price, since the drop that the iPhone 15 has experienced has been boosted by the traditional price drop that Apple makes to its devices when they are sold. present a generation. Therefore, today in this post we are going to highlight one of the most recommended products of 2023 and 2024 and yes, it is better than the iPhone 15 and more if they are on sale.

At this price, the iPhone 14 is a better option than the iPhone 15

Although Apple has launched a new generation of iPhone, the iPhone 14 continues to be a device that is sold both on Apple’s official website and in third-party storessince their production chains continue to function really well and, therefore, we have more than enough stock on most of the platforms that want to sell this unit.

Despite its initial failure, this device has been the fourth best-selling phone of all of 2023 because it inherits many functions from the iPhone 13 Pro Max, such as the processor, camera, action mode and the possibility of recording 4k video with incredible stabilization. Therefore, we are looking at a device with a beastly 6.1-inch OLED screen, a dual camera and one of the most powerful and efficient processors that Apple has launched on the market.

The points of an iPhone that has a lot to say

If you regularly read this portal, the editorial team of the bitten apple does not hesitate to recommend a device from a previous generation, since if there is something that characterizes Apple, it is its update and support policy for more than five years, which makes it really worth buying an older generation phone, because you know you have at least four more years of updates and two more years of security patches. In other words, if you buy this iPhone 14, you will have support until 2027-2028 at least.

  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, A15 Bionic chip color PRODUCT(Red): 839 euros
  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, yellow A15 Bionic chip: 839 euros
  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, A15 Bionic chip, blue: 799 euros
  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, A15 Bionic chip, star white: 839 euros
  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, mauve A15 Bionic chip: 839 euros
  • iPhone 14, 128 GB, A15 Bionic chip, color: night black: 839 euros.

Of course, for several generations, Apple has removed the charger from its devices with the aim of offering a greener image of the company. Therefore, if it is your first iPhone or you are looking to abandon the eternal 5W charger that Apple included in the charger, you have the ideal excuse to change devices and of course, also chargers. We attach the offer below.

Perhaps the only drawback that can be placed on this device is its charging connector, which maintains the Lightning without integrating the new connector and industry standard such as USB-C. In short, don’t think twice and buy the iPhone 14 Plus for less than 1,000 euros thanks to Amazon, a platform with incredible discounts for your iPhone and available in all colors and versions.