The price, the main difference between the Apple Store and the Apple Reseller

On many occasions, when we visit an Apple Store, an indicator appears that says “Apple Premium Reseller”. This means that it is not a store that has a direct link with Cupertino, but rather it is a third-party store that acquires a license with Apple to be able to sell its products. In this post we are going to analyze the differences between an Apple Store and Apple Premium Reseller.

Differences between an Apple Store and Apple Premium Reseller

Next we are going to analyze the differences between an Apple Store and an Apple Reseller, where despite appearing similar they present important differences. We expose the main differences below:

  • Location: The Apple Store is located in the emblematic places of each city, in order to verify that Apple seeks at all times to offer a unique environment when viewing and purchasing its products. On the other hand, the Premium Reseller or Apple Reseller can be found anywhere, whether on a main street in the city or in a shopping center.
  • Product purpose: Apple Reseller is intended to offer you a product or serve as a point of reference to resolve any questions about the purchase of the product. They have a purpose of buying and selling and solving problems rather than user experience. On the other hand, the Apple Stores have a great sales and after-sales service, and they want the experience when buying an iPhone or a Mac to be an incredible experience.
  • Office Manager: The Apple Store are stores that depend directly on Cupertino. Instead, Apple Reseller may rely on a third-party owner who acquires a license from Apple to be able to sell their products exclusively. They are a kind of franchise, and that same manager can have several Apple Reseller spread across the city or province.
  • Customer Services: The difference in customer service is extremely different, since in an Apple Store they have personalized attention for as long as the establishment is open and they even have a Genius, where you can ask anything about your device that you just bought . However, in the Apple Store you have to make an appointment because on many occasions there is no technician specialized in repair or product problems and you have to leave the device for several days in the store so that the specialized technical service attends to you.
  • Delivery times: In an app store they have stock of their products, while in an apple store they may have the product or have to order it. Delivery times are completely different.
  • The price, the main difference between the Apple Store and the Apple Reseller there is a difference between the Apple Store and the Premium regarding the price. Since on many occasions they include discounts on phones discontinued by Apple or promotions with small discounts, but that is always good for the user.

Similarities between an Apple Store and Apple Reseller

With respect to the similarities that exist between both establishments, they are few but main so that the acquisition of a produce meets the quality and guarantee standards that Apple exposes. Below we analyze the two main aspects:

  • Warranty: In both establishments they have an official Apple guarantee and the same after-sales service, except that sometimes the authorized technical service is not available. In both establishments you can acquire the official Apple license and the repair of the products are repairs with official Apple parts. No parts or techniques not approved by those of Cupertino are used.
  • The appearance: the interior of the offices are exactly the same, what matters is the size, since the Apple Stores are much larger and the variety of products, since the Stock they have is more limited and it is possible that if a user wants a team with some technical specifications, they have to ask for it because they don’t have it at that moment.

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