The private event that Apple plans

In principle, Apple usually holds two Keynotes throughout the year, one in June, where it presents the new operating systems, and another in September, with the launch of the new iPhone. However, rumors suggest that Apple has held an event without the media or the press. In this post,We are going to explain what has taken place at the Steve Jobs Theater

Apple, keynote and top secret

For the first time, since the start of the SARS-COV2 pandemic, an official and face-to-face event has been held at the Steve Jobs Theaterthe place where those from Cupertino make the presentations of their new producers and software news. Initially, the first event would take place in June 2023, at the Developers Conference. However, at the beginning of the year an event was held only for employees at said headquarters.

What was presented at the Steve Jobs Theater?

The content of the presentation had a clear message towards its main workers and development area, where the steps to follow for the most valuable company in the world would be indicated, as well as the presentation of its new products. Specifically, we are referring to the Mixed Reality glasses that Apple is going to present in June, once the delays in engineering and synchronization of software and hardware have been overcome. In addition, the completion of the project Apple Pay Laterthe annual subscription service for the iPhone.


Within the presentation itself, John Giannadreahighlighted the importance of Digital Intelligence for Apple, stressing that Apple was at the forefront of this technology and that it followed a clear upward line.

John Giannadrea joined Apple four years ago, and since then, the search and development of artificial intelligence that he directs has not stopped growing and has even bought several Startups with which Apple can improve and enhance its AI.

The role of John Giannadrea in the development of Digital Intelligence

We are all aware that Apple is advancing its own artificial intelligence (AI) design path, and despite the fact that its advances are not public, it is clear that it is investing as much in human capital as in financial investment like the main companies. Therefore, Apple will keep all announcements to introduce AI and machine learning under wraps until it feels ready, and then it will bang on the table again, offering technology that is efficient for both consumers and consumers. the companies.

Apple designed Apple Silicon in the same way, Apple’s development is at a constant and continuous pace, obtaining incredible results, so it is not surprising that Apple follows the same line when it comes to developing and implementing intelligence. artificial.

One of the great beneficiaries would be Siri, since it will be given new tools that allow it to return to being at the forefront in terms of innovation and development, where Apple and the Apple Neural Engine have a lot to do with it.

In short, this Apple event indicates that the in person presentations have returned to Cupertino and, on the other hand, that the absence of news in the area of ​​iartificial intelligencedoes not mean that it is bad, but that, with calm and good lyrics, they achieve great results.