When Apple launched the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, a feature of them was exclusive to them. We talk about Promotion. It is nothing more than a name provided by Apple to reflect that from these terminals and whenever we talk about Pro, the refresh rate of the screens is 120Hz and not 60, as we are used to in almost any portable device. However, one thing characterizes this functionality. It is variable, that is, the refresh rate varies depending on the context, so it will not always be those 120Hz. The new rumors indicate that this refresh rate It will also come to standard models.

The analyst and specialist in Apple and especially in screens, Ross Young, affirms that the Promotion technology that until now is exclusive to the highest models, that is, the Pro and Pro Max, will be in the rest of the models. Since 2021 this function is present in the highest and most exclusive iPhone models. However, it seems that things can change and the rest of the models will also exist, but we will have to wait, at least two years.

The analyst has given the news through the social network Twitter, as usual. In a tweet, Young provided described several novelties related to the screen that will come to future iPhone. In particular, it indicates that low-power LTPO display technology will be extended to standard iPhones in 2025. This will result in ProMotion being able to be enabled.

As we have already told you, this Promotion capacity is variable. For example on the iPhone 13 it can go down to 10Hz and in the model 14 up to 1HZ, due to always on screen system showing clock, widgets, notifications and lock screen wallpaper.