One of the best novelties of this new iPhone 14 Pro is on its back. The new camera module is very similar to those of the previous generation, in terms of design and physical appearance. But inside, the profitability offered by this new camera is only given in the latest model. We have a sensor that throws 48 MP in the main camera and we have new angles and zoom. But we also already have the first problems, but we should not be scared. Everything can be fixed and thank you that it is not a fault in the construction. It will be fixed by software.

A few days ago, the first problems appeared in Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro terminal. Some users have experienced problems in some images and even before being able to photograph the object or person, but with certain applications, that is, it does not always happen. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max generate in the Violent camera vibrations when using apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. As usual, social networks have helped to communicate the problem and that Apple begins to investigate the problem.

Apple has already spoken and commented that it is not a hardware problem, but a software problem. That way, users will simply need to update the iPhone once a software update with a fix is ​​released next week, suggesting that the issue doesn’t cause permanent hardware damage to the device. It is more than likely that we will see it in iOS 16.0.2.

It is true that Apple has already provided a solution, it is true that it is not immediate, but it is better than having communicated that the camera module has a problem and must be repaired. Also, if you think about it a bit coldly, we can go a few days without those social media apps, can’t we? Nor has the company specified the underlying cause of the problem. One of the possible causes that are considered in specialized forums and media is that the main lens in both iPhone 14 Pro models, having a new “second generation” optical sensor displacement image stabilization, it is possible that the stabilizer is acting for unclear reasons.