The reason there would be no Apple event in October

All the rumors indicated that next October Apple was going to carry out a new event, however, from one moment to another and because of Mark Gurman, this idea seems to fall with the whole team. If you want to know the reason and everything that this Apple expert has said about it, he continues reading that in this post we will tell you everything.

Goodbye October event

One of the greatest experts when it comes to news and rumors about Apple is Mark Gurmann. Well, it was he himself who has ruled on the hypothetical event that would take place in the month of October. According to Gurman, Apple’s plans would go through don’t hold finally bliss keynote. Obviously that does not mean that there will not be new products, but their novelties would be presented through different press releases.

Although this news has caused a lot of expectation and, of course, is causing people to talk, It would not be the first time that Apple has not held an event at the end of the year. Surely, the lack of outstanding news in the devices that were going to be presented is what has led Apple to make this decision. However, it is simply a rumor echoed by Mark Gurman.

What was going to show up?

After the launch of the new iPhone, Apple Watch and also the second generation of AirPods Pro, on the stage only Macs and iPads remain, who are the usual protagonists of the last event of the year. As we have mentioned before, the reality is that the forecasts that were and are about these updates are really scarce, so it would make all the sense in the world that Apple did not want to hold an event to announce them.

ipad pro 2021 and magic keyboard

On the part of the iPad, beyond the inclusion of the M2 chip in the iPad Pro and perhaps, some other novelty, everything new was rumored to be focused on the Basic iPad, also called Student iPad. This would be the only product that would undergo a facelift compared to its previous generation, with a slight design change and new features that would make it much more useful for all those users who want a great team without having to spend a lot of money. money.

On the part of the Mac, hardly any big announcements are planned. Obviously with the presence already of the M2 chip, the corresponding updates will be carried out on each and every one of the computers that Apple currently has for sale, but without any of them undergoing a notable change. In other words, the only announcement would really be the arrival of the M2 Pro, M2 Max and M2 Ultra chipwithout these being a great revolution with respect to their predecessors.

macbook pro

Therefore, as we have previously commented, the Cupertino company has sufficient reason for the announcements that were theoretically going to be carried out in this hypothetical Keynote for the month of October to be launched through press releases. However, these are just rumours, so we will have to be very attentive in the coming weeks to see what decision they end up taking at Apple Park.