The reason why the iPhone 9 never saw the light

After the presentation of the iPhone 8, there were many media outlets that began, like every year, to talk about the next one. Leaks about its next screen, battery, or price, among other things. But it was never thought that the name might not be that, until the first rumors began.

Everyone assumed that the next model would be the iPhone 9, regardless of its characteristics and other details. And that's how she began to be called. However, never existedbut why?

What happened to the iPhone 9?

There are many theories that cover this topic, since Apple never gave a clear reason why they skipped this number. There are many points that could explain it accurately, however, unless Apple or one of its managers surprises us one day, we will not know for sure.

The first of them, and most logical, is the anniversary of the iPhone. At that moment turned 10 years old of its first launch, and, therefore, releasing a model Having launched an iPhone 9 on his tenth birthday was something strange, although possible, however, they gave it more emphasis with the number 10 in Roman.

Furthermore, the generational leap was very important, we were faced with the most drastic change that a model had undergone compared to the previous one, so skipping a number and starting with a rounder one was quite logical. The iPhone In addition, it included, due to that, other functions such as FaceID that improved their security and accessibility or fast charging, among many other points.

In the first place, the jump from 9 was attributed to a superstition, since in Japan this number brings very bad luck, and the same was expected to happen with 13, however, it did not happen, and it was one of the most sold and interesting, so we can discard that theory, which was simply used as an excuse for not knowing the real reason.

In short, and despite not being the best seller, The iPhone X marked a before and after in the life of Apple, and they, in advance, knew what would happen, so calling it 9, and coinciding with its tenth anniversary, is something that did not convince them. So, despite not announcing it officially, they skipped that number and went directly to the next ones. Will we see an iPhone 19, or will there be another jump that takes us to XX directly?

I had that iPhone

And you do you think? After so many months talking about the next iPhone 9, they gave us a big surprise, and you can never trust Apple, they always have something hidden, although it is usually good, and we like that.