The reasons why you have to buy AirPods Pro 2

One of the most anticipated launches by users in the past year was the second generation AirPods Pro, since these headphones had not been updated since their first and only launch. Therefore, in this post we are going to tell you the 5 reasons why buying them now is a very good idea.

Highlights of the AirPods Pro 2

Since its launch, the AirPods Pro have been truly loved by the vast majority of users, and it is certainly a truly balanced headset that offers users fantastic features. Well, with this new version, they are now better in everything they were good at, and they have also improved in certain points where they were weak. However, these are the five reasons why you should buy these headphones.

  • Sound quality. The first version of the AirPods Pro already offered great features in terms of sound, but the leap that Apple has made with this second version has been really great and now they can even be compared to their older brothers, the AirPods Max. In addition, it is that to realize the evolution that they have undergone, you only have to listen to music with the first generation, and automatically switch to the second.

  • Noise cancellation and ambient mode. One of the hallmarks of the AirPods Pro is obviously noise cancellation, where they have always been one of the greatest exponents in the sector. This one has also improved and is now a step above. Similarly, ambient mode has also been updated, now called adaptive environment modeoffering an even more pleasant experience and, above all, allowing the user to clearly hear everything that happens around them.
  • gestures. One of the big buts that the first generation AirPods Pro had was that in order to raise and lower the volume you always had to use the device to which they were connected or, failing that, ask Siri. With this new version you can now do it from the sideburns themselves, sliding your finger over them up or down. This, added to the gestures that were already there and that are very intuitive, make using these headphones really comfortable.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

  • Versatility. One of the most favorable points that AirPods Pro have is their size. and this makes them headphones that can be used for practically everything, whether it’s going for a run or playing sports, listening to music in a relaxed way at home or isolating yourself from the world on public transport. Wherever you use them, their size and comfort are key for versatility to be the hallmark.
  • Comfort. One of the problems that the first version of the AirPods Pro had was that for some users they were not entirely comfortable, even falling out of their ears due to the famous pads. Well, with the second generation Apple has introduced one more size, the XS, allowing many of these users who could not use the headphones now to feel comfortable and safe with them on.