The registration of the trademark “xrOS” by Apple is confirmed

WWDC is getting closer. The rumors of the Apple Reality Pro are getting stronger every day and although we have heard a lot about the next AR glasses, some details are still not entirely clear, such as the operating system that it will use. After registering the trademark “xrOS” earlier this year, Apple has registered through a shell company in New Zealand a word mark with the same name, suggesting that the new platform will be called “xrOS”.

According to Parker Ortolani on his own Twitter, the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office confirmed the registration of the “xrOS” word mark earlier this month. The request was, as we mentioned, filed by an Apple shell company. The same company had already registered the trademark “xrOS” in New Zealand in January.

Since Apple likes secrecy, has several shell companies which it uses to register trademarks and patents for products that have not yet been released, so that they are not directly linked to Apple in case of leaks.

But a word mark (as opposed to a simple trademark) has its marketing stylization. In this case, the “xrOS” wordmark found on New Zealand records uses the San Francisco typeface created by Apple. It aligns with the logo of other Apple operating systems, such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Last year, Apple did something similar but with the “realityOS” trademark and word. Internally, Apple had been considering (and we’ve heard and discussed all of them here before) the names “realityOS” and “xrOS” for its new mixed reality platform that will run on the Reality Pro and other upcoming AR/VR products.

Bloomberg has also reported that Apple has settled on “xrOS” as the name of the platform.. The name would be a reference to “extended reality,” which makes sense considering the whole idea of ​​integration between AR and VR plus Tim Cook’s comments in the recent interview with GQ. It all seems to make sense. It should be noted that those from Cupertino have also registered trademarks such as “Reality One”, “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor”.

TIC Tac. Just 20 days to reveal the mystery, the names and the new products. It’s going to be epic.