Apple continues to advance in the updates of its operating systems. Now it is the turn of the software that manages our Apple TV and we already have among us, and intended for developers, the new version of tvOS 16.4, this time Release Candidate but intended for developers. It is a big step because this version means that we are almost about to see the final version and therefore all users can enjoy it. Do not think that much has been added. Simply It is important because of where it is at.

When we talk about software updates, we are used to what is the release of versions in which new features are implemented but especially in the correction of errors and minor improvements. Taking this into account, each beta that is released gets closer and closer to the final version. One step that shows us that this version is getting closer is the fact of being able to enjoy the Release Candidate which is a pre-final version.

This released version is intended for developers, and therefore can only be downloaded by those who have registered as such on the Web page that Apple has dedicated to these matters. As we always advise, it is important to say that if you want to try this new test version it is almost mandatory to do it on a second-rate computer, that is, one that is not the main one, because although the Betas are very careful software They are still tests and therefore may contain errors that make us leave the device, useless.

tvOS updates are typically smaller in scale, focusing on bug fixes and internal improvements instead of outward-facing noticeable changes. There’s no word yet on what’s included in the tvOS 16.4 update. We will be pending and if there is any news we will let you know.