The App Store is Apple’s application store for all its ecosystems. Through it, developers can provide their applications, subscriptions and services that can also be managed through a set of tools made available by Apple. A few days ago the big apple released the biggest app store price update which meant, among other things, being able to see applications from 29 cents to 10,000 euros. A modification that adds more than 700 new predefined prices and greater control of them by developers thanks to a bundle of tools created by Apple.

900 price points on the App Store

The App Store has great tools for developers who have content and apps for sale in the store. For example, marketing and refund management tools that allow economic management and the promotion of advertisements for applications. However, we had been without significant news for a while in the management of store applications.

New announcements in the Apple App Store

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And this change that we expected came a few days ago with the big price update pushed by Apple. This new pricing plan, whose entry into force enters into the month of December for auto-renewable subscriptions and for the rest of the apps in the spring of 2023, It has more than 900 different price points ranging from 29 cents to 10,000 euros. These prices will be applied in more than 45 different currencies in the 175 stores around the world.

The new price distribution has been designed in six different bands whose price increases or decreases follow this order:

  • For prices between 29 cents and 9.99 euros, prices may increase by 10 cents by 10 cents
  • For prices between 49 cents and 49.99 euros, prices may increase from 10 cents to 50 cents
  • For prices between 99 cents and 199.99 euros, prices may increase from 1 euro to 1 euro
  • For prices between 4.99 euros and 499.99 euros, prices may increase from 5 euros to 5 euros
  • For prices between 9.99 euros and 999.99 euros, prices may rise from 10 euros to 10 euros
  • For prices between 99.99 euros and 9999.99 euros, prices may increase from 100 euros to 100 euros

Tools have also been included so that developers can set prices in different countries by following the fluctuations of the currency values ​​in each of the countries. Always having the reference value of the country of origin. These measures will begin to work in the coming months, and their full development will be deployed in the spring of 2023.