The revolution in MagSafe chargers arrives

The MagSafe chargers that we can see on the market so far are very monotonous and standardized by Apple. A white circle and metallic borders (in some cases). Always following the same line (at least for those who want MFi certification). Until now.

Manufacturers of MagSafe accessories have always shown their frustration (and this has been known and confirmed by AppleInsider) about the possibilities that Apple provides them when manufacturing MagSafe chargers with other colors or even materials. All of them must have a loading surface made of silicone and white, something that does not always go in line with the design of the product in general or does not always have to be the most aesthetic. But this is about to change.

As AppleInsider has been able to confirm, Apple has changed the terms of the MFi program introducing a new MagSafe module that can employ more style and different materials.

Any manufacturer who wanted to join the MFi program when creating any type of accessory for Apple, had to follow the strict rules in the use of components and follow a certification process. For example, for the Apple Watch, the charging module is provided directly by Apple to vendors so that they can implement and build their products. This same process also occurs with Lightning connectors.

Apple then picks up and tests these third-party products to go through security and performance checks before it can be certified as an MFi product and assigned an ID that later allows the product to be identified in the Cupertino database.

In this way, Apple and the MFi program ensure that These devices are safe for our devices and follow Apple’s quality standards. in the same way as if you bought a product from the company itself. All of them have the logo of Made for iPhone | iPad | iPod in its packaging.

The MagSafe falls into this category of products that require MFi certification and the chargers must have a white color, a touch and a charging surface similar to that indicated by Apple. The chargers that brands like Belkin or Anker can sell have an identical design to the one that Apple itself would produce for this very reason: to obtain the MFi certificate.

Now Apple has introduced a new component to MagSafe MFi certification. This means that being official,It supports fast charging but Apple allows you to cover the charging surface. This represents a new world in chargers since they will not have to have the white circle with the silicone to be able to work with MagSafe and they can be “covered” with many more materials (it can be made of leather, in dark finishes, with drawings… ).

This change in trend has already been seen in the creation of third-party products, such as the newly launched by Anker MagSafe Cube 3-in-1 which is sold directly in the Apple Store, which has a dark finish with a magnetized ring covered with a rubber with an even darker tone, thus allowing the aesthetics to continue throughout the product.

Until now, this one from Anker is the only 15W MagSafe charger with a surface other than the white one that Apple proposed (and forced) until these changes in the MFi certification. Surely many more suppliers will be launching their new products adapting them to their styles allowing a new world of customization in MagSafe chargers.

MagSafe has not obtained any new functionality with the arrival of the iPhone 14 and, since the official Apple MagSafe Battery, no new accessory has been received for this functionality of our terminals. Hopefully this new move will help Apple continue to open up the standard in new ways and we can see a host of new products coming to our devices with MagSafe technology. Hopefully this is the beginning of a revolution in MagSafe accessories and not just for iPhone/AirPods wireless chargers.